The History of Our City

An Interactive Cultural Heritage Project of

The Project in a Nutshell

We are in a fully animated, busy and loud 360° x 180° spherical environment.
Travel Through Timeslices
Travelling from the neolithic age to today through time.
Version 1.0: six time periods.
Base Model
Extended Model with additional locations for every timeslice.
Variety of Topics
Choose one, several or all information topics to be available on your journey.
Version 1.0: eight different topics.
Ways to Travel
The travellers – depending on their choice – for example explore a timeslice with all its aspects of daily life, or study one topic and its development over time.
Welcome to the Matrix.
Target Groups and Distribution
Distribution is online and offline, aiming at highest tech and lowest barriers.
Target groups are well defined. A special case is the educational use.
Additional Aspects
Zurich Time Travel is database driven, assuring highest modularity and flexibility.
A prototype for presentation purposes was made.
The production setup includes a full stereoscopic workflow.
Languages: Version 1.0 includes German, English, French, Italian, simplified Chinese, Spanish.
This is a long term project. A permanent contact and coordination group ensures contacts, development organisation and technical maintenance.
Further Information
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